Welcome to Ikhaya Le Langa

Ikhaya Le Langa NPC (the house of Sun) is a ‘not-for-profit’ organization in Langa, the oldest historically Black township in the Western Cape. It is from here that ikhaya le Langa is revitalizing the Langa Quarter, an area of 13 streets comprising five hundred homes housing approximately 7,000 people. This community has languished at the bottom of the racialized socio-economic order in Cape Town for generations.

20 years into democracy, this historic community continues to suffer from the many problems that come from deep poverty. Ikhaya le Langa intends to reverse these challenges by reimagining the Langa Quarter as a social enterprise precinct that showcases the heritage of this hidden cultural gem home to many South African jazz legends and makers of history. Strategically located in the geographic center of Cape Town Municipality and midway between the Airport, and the Central Business District the Langa Quarter has the potential to be a new heart for the post-Apartheid city of Cape Town. Our aim is to put the Langa Quarter on the map as a must-visit spot for tourists and locals alike.

Ikhaya le Langa aims to create hundreds of job and business opportunities through tourism and the redevelopment of the broader Langa neighborhood. The Langa Pavilion will be situated at the ikhaya le Langa campus which is the engine that drives this development and is the hub around which the community is organizing to make this historic neighborhood cleaner, greener, and safer - an area that Capetonians of all stripes are proud to claim as the heart of their city.